Show Off Your New Body Around the World

If you have been working on a diet for months now, and are ready to start showing it off, sometimes you want to go a little further afield than your friends and family. While your friends and family may be extremely encouraging along the way, you might start to wonder if their words are ringing a little hollow. You should never doubt the sincerity of your friends and family, but sometimes you want to make sure that people who are total strangers also think your body looks good. For that, it helps to get out and travel a bit and really put yourself into the testing grounds.

Because friends and family are there to support you every step of the way, sometimes it is hard to know if their compliments are really genuine, or just meant as encouraging support. Sure, you know you have lost weight and are feeling better, but are you really looking better? The short and simple answer is, of course! Any steps along the path to your transformation are well worth celebrating.


If you really want confirmation that you have been making progress toward your fitness goals, you need to get out and live life a little. Book yourself a stay at a Crowne Plaza hotel or resort and really have some fun. Do not be afraid to let loose (not in terms of food consumption), and get out to the beach, the clubs, and anywhere else you previously felt ashamed to go. Your new body is beautiful – no matter how far along you are on your path to total transformation.

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