5 More Reasons to Have Live Chat on Your Website

With more people than ever using super-fast internet connections to gain access to information, goods and services, it isn’t a surprise that they want access all of these things quickly. Following on from a previous instalment, here are another five reasons to use live chat as part of your customer service strategy.

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1. Wide Audience Reach

Live chat isn’t just a useful tool for customer service: it can also serve to identify potential wider markets and niche audiences for your marketing team. While you are almost certain to see predictable audiences using your live chat, there is also the very real chance for a completely new audience segment to emerge. Even the smallest businesses are getting involved.

2. Audience Outreach

Of course, you can wait for customers to come to you, but most comprehensive live chat platforms allow the host to have an automated pop-up when people land on a specific page. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and let the visitor know that there is a chat agent right there with them ready to help.

3. Another Layer of Analysis

There are too many analytics tools to list, and what you use will largely depend on budget and personal preference. Live chat offers a different layer of analysis. Not only can you monitor the customer’s journey, but you can identify gaps in your service by viewing reports that look at how often questions were addressed or ignored. Some providers like https://www.redsnapper.net can support you in this.

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4. Customer Loyalty

Think about the businesses that you use regularly – perhaps a web development company in London. Chances are that they have a few things in common, including great and accessible customer service. Live chat is instant, and with a strong nurturing strategy customers naturally become brand ambassadors.

5. Speedy Info

Imagine you are waiting for a training document that will allow you to get started with a piece of software. If you’re expecting it by email, you’ll be navigating away from the website where you requested the information – not always the most time effective route. Think about the potential loss of time in customers leaving your site and maybe becoming distracted. Live chat agents can also offer on-the-spot document downloads, meaning your chances of converting a lead just increased.